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Temperature, Humidity, Door & Water Leak Monitoring Solution

Water Leak, Motion, Door & Temperature Monitoring

Prevent Equipment Damage and Data Loss

Ensure adequate cooling and desired humidity level to server rooms and data centers, detect humidity changes and water presence in time to avoid expensive equipment repairs with 24/7 fully-automated monitoring protection. Server room monitoring is vital for storing data and powering networking equipment. Prevent server failures without the need of manually checking each stack and room. Effortlessly monitor temperatures and humidity, water leak detection and open/close activity of your data centers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and receive alerts should any irregularities occur.


  • Receive alerts when high temperatures and undesired humidity levels are detected
  • Monitor server room condition and protect against equipment failure

What’s Included:

  • Water leak sensor for detection of leaks near equipment
  • Temperature sensor for placement in areas where temperature and humidity range monitoring are crucial
  • Open/close sensor to know if a door, window, cabinet is opened or left open
  • Plug-and-play gateway

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Server Rooms, Media and Data Centers Solutions

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  • Merk: IoT in a Box
  • Model: IBX-GMT-SERV-E
  • Beschikbaarheid: 2-5 Werkdagen
  • € 395,00
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